Home compost or Industrial compost certified shopping bags? What to choose in Canada?

So, there are currently 2 types of compost standards available for the checkout shopping bags: industrial and home.  Which one is better?

Let`s try to answer this question.

Biodegradable products institute (BPI) organization that does certify products for industrial compost in North America gives a good explanation of composting – https://bpiworld.org/BPI-Composting.

For all products with the industrial compost logo the only way to be fully compostable is to go to the industrial facility. Only under certain conditions these bags can fully biodegrade within a short period of time.  

As of today, BPI does not certify products for home compost. Maybe the reason is that there is no such standard per se. How come then we have HOME compost certificate on some products?

It is because European organization TUV Austria (a world leader in compost certifications) goes far ahead than many countries can implement national standards in compost including Canada and the US. And it is worth mentioning that this OK HOME compost certificate by TUV Austria is itself a basis for many national standards. Unfortunately, there is no equivalent certificate for home compost in North America.

Bags certified with OK Home compost can be composted at your backyard without any industrial compost facility. It is very important as there are not many such facilities in Ontario. Actually, there is none in the city of Toronto – https://findacomposter.com. If there is no industrial facility in your region, the bag will be treated as a regular garbage.

As a bottom line, we can say that today OK HOME compost is the highest possible certificate in compost industry for the shopping bags. Bags with that logo can be composted both ways: industrially or at home.

If you have a choice between these 2 standards, do not compromise and pick the best. It is not only a responsible choice to make but also it is what is expected from the compostable products – to be unconditionally compostable and the best for the environment…

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